E-learning hub

E-Learning Hub is an online learning library and resources with relevant lessons in hospitality, business, IT, and other related fields. This program consists of a variety of current topics you can learn anytime and anywhere through interactive video lessons, e-books, case studies, and more.

Video / Text lectures

Lessons are presented in video, slides, and text format.

Variety of online tools

Other online resources are made available to make sure that students learn effectively.


Quizzes are given after each lesson. 

Zoom web conferencing

Our platform can be integrated with Zoom for online classes and web conferencing.

Case studies 

Case studies are provided in some parts of the lesson. 

Certificate of completion 

Students will receive a certificate based on successful course completion.

Choose from wide range of topics

Courses cover a wide range of topics for various sectors as Food and Beverage, Hotel, Travel and Tourism, and Recreations. Topics are carefully selected to provide the best learning experience for students, and other clients, with lessons designed to teach basic principles and current best practices in the industry.

why take courses at e-learning hub?

Develop your knowledge and learn new skills
at your own pace

Learn from industry experts and professionals. 

Excel in your chosen field at a low cost. 

Gain experience and prepare for your dream job.