frequently asked questions

We provide Training and Assessment for Tourism (Hotel & Restaurant) sector accredited by TESDA. Likewise, we also provide customized programs for students and professional related to Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Training programs cannot be enrolled simultaneously. We would like our learners to focus in learning to be able to gain the required knowledge and skills in their chosen program.

All ingredients to be used in laboratory activities are already included in the tuition. It will be provided during the hands-on activities at the training center.

The training duration will depend on the number of hours as per TESDA requirement. It is required to complete the whole program in order to qualify in the National Certificate II assessment.

  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II (141 Hours)
  • Cookery NC II (316 Hours)
  • Food & Beverage Services NC II (356 hours)
  • Housekeeping NC II (436 hours)

It is a regular class schedule from Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm. During classes Trainer will implement lecture and laboratory activities to impart required knowledge and skills to their learners.

There are 25 student per class.

Learners must be 18 years old before enrolling in the training program.

 The TESDA training program is open to all who are interested to enroll for as long as you are a high school graduate.

Classes is from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm only.

We offer customized programs for students and professional related to Tourism and Hospitality industry.

 We conduct our customized program off-site depending on the proximity of the venue.

Our customized program depends on the preferred topic of our clients. We also invite industry/academic experts to facilitate the programs.

The most common questions we receive are answered here. If you don’t find the answer here, you may contact us and we’re here to answer your queries.