By Edeeson Opina | Thursday 5th of January 2017

It’s such a great honor to have my OJT here at HIAP because they will surely expose you in the working environment.

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Internship Journey at HIAP

One of the requirements before leaving college is spending our internship in a company. A student must be able to complete the required hours learning and being exposed on the career path he has chosen.


Finding a company that you’ll spend your internship with is not that easy, in fact that it is time consuming for me because I have an overloaded unit but I’m glad that I found a company that is near in my campus, the HIAP.


When I first try to apply in HIAP as an intern, I first met Ms. Corazon, the Dean of the company. She’s like a strict supervisor but deep inside she’s nice and admirable, besides, she’s one of the reason why I’m here at HIAP.  And when I started my OJT here at HIAP, I’ve met Ms. Grace, one of my supervisors. Ms. Grace is such a lighthearted person, it’s like that you can be friends with her anytime you want and you can’t see anything negative on her because of her positive aura. All of the employees and supervisors here in HIAP is nice and cheerful, you can tell by on their good - looking faces J


The first thing that comes to my mind when I first saw HIAP is that, the company is suited of word “Hospitality” itself because of the ambiance of the company, and their employee, specially, the supervisors, they are approachable like, they have known me for a long time and gave me a warm welcome as an Intern in their company.


Not only the people around here in the company is the good thing but they also have a café that serves exquisite foods and beverages that can satisfy their customer’s appetite. I’m not saying this things to uplift the company but this is what I see and the truth.

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Thursday 5th of January 2017



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